How long does it take to complete a free code camp?


All of the people who know how to code can agree that coding acts as a force multiplier for almost everything else in their lives. Luckily, coding is a short course that spreads over a few months and can be completed easily.

Free code camp

However, a new perk in this area is that now you can learn to code for free. Yes, you read that right, you can take a free code camp and learn coding in a matter of months. There are a number of coding organizations that dedicate themselves to teach people how to code. Their purpose is to help people learn coding for free so that they can land better and developed jobs in their professional careers. Not only are the coding courses free, but the curriculums are also very much comprehensive where you can learn from hands-on experience of responsive web design, front end development, APIs and algorithms.

Only a few people have been able to complete free code camps. But this is only because they get jobs before they can actually complete the whole course. Even if you are at the beginner’s level and have not spent a lot of time towards programming, each of the courses in the complete camp takes about 300 hours. There are a total of six courses so that means it takes a total time of 1800 hours. And if you choose to go for full-time learning, it would take four months.

The main factor where people often struggle is that they are not very used to getting feedback immediately because the software points out where they go wrong.

Benefits of coding

Benefits of coding

Furthermore, people often have a psychological condition to get the code right in their first try. Things may not be as strict in other cases. For instance, in a literature class, there is a degree of variation where you can add personalized stuff. Things are not the same in the case of coding because either it works or it does not. However, coding can be a really helpful thing for your career.

Another benefit is that you can potentially learn to code anytime. This is why so many people are attracted to it, who otherwise have no knowledge about how coding and software work. That is why potentially anyone who has the necessary motivation and time to invest in learning coding, can learn it. This can take them to achieve great things.

Professionals of the field consider it to be a supplement in a lot of cases since there are several developers who do not even finish university and go straight into the field and start earning. A few years after a developer starts to code, there is little differentiation about whether they have a completed university degree or not because the potential thing is to code correctly and efficiently.


Therefore, now that you know how long a free coding course can take, you can easily make an informed decision about whether you have the time and motivation to invest in a free coding camp.