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Is SQL worth learning?


The SQL program is about 50 years old since it was released in 1970 by a computer scientist Edgar Codd.  He released a paper describing a fairly new system for the organization of data in databases. At the end of that decade, many prototypes of the system, which were essentially shown by Codd, were developed.

It is a common understanding that anyone who wants to land a job in data needs to spend a good amount of their time learning the ancient Structured Query Language. People often ask the question of why should they not spend more time focusing on Python and other data skills such as deep learning and spark?

Even though learning the more general languages like python can be easy, landing a job in data can be hard without an understanding of SQL. This is due to a number of reasons.

SQL is used everywhere

First of all, SQL is being used everywhere. A good part of the top tech companies uses SQL. For instance, Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb. Furthermore, even companies like Facebook and Google use Structured Query Language while having developed their own complex databases.

SQL is also not just limited to technology companies. If you conduct a search for a job in data on LinkedIn, you will find out that more companies usually look for people with SQL skills rather than Python.

SQL has demand

If you are looking to get a job in data, your primary focus should be on the skills which the employers require. According to research, Structured Query Language still outnumbers other languages in terms of its demand, which is why it is so important to learn. It is the most mentioned skill on LinkedIn.

Even if you are looking for a lower-level job in data, you still need to learn Structured Query Language because the demand for SQL for lower-level jobs is also just as great.

SQL is here to stay

SQL has a greater level of popularity among professional o technology as compared to Python. This is specifically because Structured Query Language is a language that is built …

Which is better MySQL or SQL?

mssql mysql

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a language which entails relational databases. There are a number of databases and platforms which use the services of SQL. However, each of them uses a slightly different syntax of the language by adding a little variation to it. SQL and MySQL are the two database platforms that are very commonly used for web development. Once you choose one of them, you may face several hurdles if you ever decide to switch to the other one. This is due to the fact that the platform which you select will become the base of your overall content and how it moves forward. It will also be able to store, secure, and retrieve your data for the applications. Therefore, it is an important decision and you need to understand the dynamics of both languages in order to make a decision.


SQL is the general choice of relational database developers. This is because the surface of both languages looks similar. Both of the languages enable you to host numerous databases on one single server. Furthermore, both the languages use tables to contain the data of applications and use primary as well as foreign key constraints. However, SQL is a little older than MySQL.

Even though there are a number of similarities between both languages, you still have to choose one depending upon the environment of your website. For instance, the similarities between SQL and MySQL include their scalability and cost. In addition to this, both languages use IDE tools too.

The Linux hosting usually gives you MySQL. MySQL operates as an open-source which allows you to have as many databases as you require. Therefore, you can even have 10 of them to support all of your 10 different projects.

The most efficient way to choose one of the two platforms is to post your own project into the job market and talk about your demands and demands with some of the experts in the field. This will provide you with several different opinions from developers and also highlight a number of factors that you need …