What languages does FreeCodeCamp teach?


A free code camp with its curriculum teaches you about the front-end, back-end, data visualization course and a lot more. Professionals of the field say that learning coding in a freeCodeCamp can be a huge help towards their careers since it compliments almost all fields of the career.

Languages in FreeCodeCamp

These courses consist of several different languages as well as frameworks. Some of these languages, namely are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are some of the basic languages which are normally used in a front-end course. Other languages used in the course are usually a derivation of these languages.

However, you have to keep in mind that the course itself is pretty much limited, so you have to teach yourself in a lot of areas.

FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization which entails interactive learning web platform, chatrooms, community forums, and online publications. The purpose of these platforms is to make web development more accessible to the general public. The courses begin with tutorials which basically introduce you to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Moving on, the students then progress towards project assignments which they are asked to complete by themselves or with a partner. When you complete all the projects, you can successfully partner with other nonprofit web development applications and spread on the knowledge. This is because technology has become an important part of the world essentially and that is why the FreeCodeCamp wants to spread mainstream knowledge of coding everywhere. Currently, the volunteers of FreeCodeCamp exceed 3900 participants. The community was formed about five years ago and operated in San Francisco, California. The complete curriculum of FreeCodeCamp includes 1400 hours of aggressive coding programs as well as web development projects with an additional 800 hours of open—source projects for non-profits. The program is constantly upgraded with more and more projects and challenges. This is essentially a whole year of coding. A distinctive element of these programs is that they focus on pair programming which intends to develop a community of collaboration as well as shared learning which can greatly amplify the skills of a student as well as clear their doubts.

Other languages that are taught by FreeCodeCamp include HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS 3, jQuery, JavaScript. The students of FreeCodeCamp are encouraged to complete their programs and once they do, they can also join other nonprofits and keep on teaching the knowledge.

A freeCodeCamp will not only help you develop a better understanding of the basic frameworks of coding but also teach you how actually to implement that knowledge of language towards coding. The rest of the learning occurs when you actually start a project. The community of FreeCodeCamp is big as well as powerful, and a benefit of this community is that it is always there to help you whenever you get stuck somewhere.


Therefore, now that you know what FreeCodeCamp is, how it works, and what languages it teaches, you can easily make an informed decision to join the interactive projects.